Help Constance Bashford on her adventure to DragonCon 2015!

I would love to get a chance to work with my favorite photographers, see what the American Steampunk conventions are like, and most important of all: meet you and other Steampunk enthusiasts! What better opportunity to do this than at Dragon Con 2015? I need your help to get there... On this site you'll be finding different ways to chip in, by purchasing items, booking shoots or simply by donations. I hope you can help <3

Read more about me and my adventure.

Random goodies!

I will randomly pick people from the pool of donators who win something personalized, like a signed photo. Be sure to follow my facebook-page because that's where I will announce the winners! Yay!

Meet & Greet

Because Dragon Con is such a huge event with thousands of people it might be hard to track me down. Therefor I would like to invite you all to the Westin during the Aether Lounge on Thursday the 3rd of September at 20.00 for a kind of meet and greet kind of thing. Hope you can make it!

Let's shoot!

I will be in the area a couple of weeks and have some free spots that can be filled with shoots! Are you a photographer or a model (with photographer) and are you interested? Shoot me a message! Scroll down for the contact form. You'll get a $150 shoot with me, now with a huge discount and I'll only be charging $50!!

To those who donate: Every day I will post personal thank-you notes on my Facebook page, so be sure to follow me there.

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About my adventure

Airship The Peregrine is in for one hell of a trip...

Flying in from Amsterdam

We're loading our airship as we speak. Making sure there's clean bunks, tea for weeks, and of course I'll have to bring outfits and props! Cartographer Ludwig has prepared our journey across the big pond and we will dock in New York, Airship the Peregrine will stay there to refuel, restock and possible repairs and I will travel to Dragon Con on wheels.

The journey continues on land

When I have arrived in NYC I plan to take a scenic route down to Dragon Con (ATL). I have never been to the USA so I'd like to see some places, and visit some Steampunk homes for a nice cup of tea. Also, I will be available for shoots as I'm passing through! If you want to schedule a shoot with me or point out some must-see locations, scroll-down and contact me here!

Time for Dragon Con 2015

On the 3rd of September I should reach Atlanta and Dragon Con for a spectacular, fun-filled weekend where I get to meet all of you! I cannot wait for this moment and am so curious to see what those American conventions are all about! I prepare to be inspired!

About Cpt. Constance

Captain Constance Bashford is an enigmatic Steampunk and Dieselpunk model from The Netherlands. In her four years of modeling she has worked with the greatest Steampunk photographers from Europe and has founded her own Airship, Airship The Peregrine. Together with Emma McMurphy and Joshua Abbernatty Lloydd they roam the skies looking for adventure, making friends all over the world.

We know she is very fond of tea, and cats, and has a huge Steampunk gun collection. But there is one thing about her we do not know, and that is what face lies behind her mysterious mask.

Frequently Asked Questions

If your question isn’t answered above, feel free to send me your question using the contact form!

Great photographs on this page! Who made them?

In order of appearance: Chau Kar Man, Ruud de Korte (2x), Bart Vyvermans and Jeroen Zelle for the Wallpaper. Thanks so much, guys, for these great photo's and for giving me your consent to use them on my website!

Who are you looking forward to meeting the most?

Hard question, because I don't really know who of you will be going thos year.... Very high on my list would be Amy Wilder, John Strangeway and Bosco Layne. <3  These are just a few of the people I hope to meet, that I consider good friends of mine, eventough I haven't had the chance to meet them just yet.

Is it true that Mileena from Mortal Kombat is your sister?

Pfff, I wish I had a sister like that...That would be a great set of genes! Have you seen her!?

Should I say hi when I see you at Dragon Con?

YES! Please come and say Hi and lets make some snapshots while we're at it! I want to remember The States and everyone I get to meet! But I'm getting ahead of things, first let me actually get to Dragon Con! <3

Why not use Kickstarter?

I know that Kickstarter can do what I am doing with this site, but I feel Kickstarter is too commercial and I prefer a personal approach to reach my goal. I like to be in touch with the people that back me up and want to support me. Don't you prefer that too?

Where will you travel in the USA?

I'm landing in New York City, then travel south/west to Pennsylvania and then I head for Dragon Con Atlanta! I have never been to The Unites States so I am very excited! Hope to meet lots of like minded and inspiring people!

What is Airship The Peregrine?

This is my Airship. At the moment we're working on an epic photo-story together with photographer Ruud de Korte. For more info look here.

How can I book you for a shoot?

Please scroll down a bit and fill in the contact form. Then I will get in touch and we will talk about our options!

What happens with my money if you don't reach your target?

Every dollar, euro or dubloon that is donated will be supporting my goal. If I do not reach my goal I will have to find other ways of getting the rest of the needed amount. I'll stop eating if I must. Must. Get. To. Dragon Con...

How can I donate?

All you need to do is fill in your name and the amount you want to donate and press the 'donate' button. Note: You need a Paypal account to donate. Don't have one? You can create an account here.

Is there a pricetag on taking off your mask?

Nope. It's not going to happen! :D

Send me a message

Contact me for shoots, help or anything else! Or fanmail. I love fanmail!